Creality Slicer vs. Cura – Which One Should You Choose?

Slicer software is one of the first things that come to mind when we think about 3D printing, as we spend most of our time in this software for various tasks ranging from loading the models to configuring the fine details of the print.

While the popularity of Cura is undisputable, to the point where the words Cura and slicer software is interchangeable, it’s not the only slicer that is available, with slicers such as PrusaSlicer, Slic3r, and Creality Slicer in the mix.

Today, we will be comparing Cura to one of these slicers, Creality Slicer, and see the advantages and disadvantages both of these slicers bring to the table.

So, which is the better choice between Creality Slicer and Cura?

In a nutshell, Cura offers better levels of functionality, operating system support, quality of life, and community support compared to Creality Slicer.

Due to Creality Slicer practically being an outdated version of Cura with a few improvements that don’t benefit most users, Cura comes out as the clear winner.

Moving forward, we will be analyzing the differences between these two slicers in greater detail, which will allow us to see how one outperforms the other in distinct categories.

Creality Slicer vs. Cura

The comparison between Creality Slicer and Cura is an interesting one as Creality Slicer is essentially a version of Cura that has a few improvements added by the Creality team.

While what we have just said makes it sound like Creality Slicer should automatically be better than Cura, that is quite far from the truth.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the comparison, where these two slicers will be facing off in categories of functionality, operating system support, quality of life, and community support.


Functionality is perhaps the most significant factor to consider when choosing a slicer, as the extent of a slicer’s functionality plays a vital role in the quality of a print.

While Creality Slicer being a version of Cura with extra features may make it sound like it’s a step ahead of Cura in terms of functionality, this is not the case.

Due to Creality Slicer always being behind Cura in terms of versions, Cura is the clear winner in the functionality category with the new features and fixes new releases bring to the table.

For instance, when the latest Cura release is at version 4.8, Creality Slicer’s newest release is often an older version of Cura, such as 4.6 or 4.7, meaning that it doesn’t contain any of the new features that come with a new Cura release.

Winner: Cura

Quality of Life

Another vital factor, quality of life, also plays a significant role in selecting a slicer, or for that matter, any piece of software.

Since both these slicers feature the same interface with minor visual differences that don’t impact usage, there isn’t much to separate the two in the quality of life department, except for one factor.

While Creality Slicer only contains presets for Creality and Ultimaker printers, it’s possible to find a preset for almost any 3D printer in Cura, which puts it ahead drastically in terms of quality of life.

Even though it’s possible to create a custom profile and add it to Creality Slicer, well-configured presets that will allow you to have a smooth 3D printing experience are definitely nothing to scoff at, especially if you are a beginner.

*Creality Slicer features one profile that you won’t find in Cura, which is the profile for Ender 3 V2. That being said, the consensus in the community is that the profile for Ender 3 works just as well.

Winner: Cura

Operating System Support

As it’s impossible to run a piece of software that your OS does not support, adequate operating system support is something that you cannot ignore.

While Creality Slicer supports only Windows and macOS as of now, it’s possible to run Cura on 64-bit Windows, Linux, and macOS, with the added option of running it on ARM processors as well through unofficial releases.

Even though Windows users make up the majority of the userbase, no Linux support in the current day and age is not acceptable.

Winner: Cura

Community Support

While it may not seem too important, it’s vital for software to have a large and active community where it’s possible to discuss things and ask for help when necessary.

Cura is the most popular slicer software right now, and as a result, it has a sizeable amount of members in its community.

It’s possible to discuss everything related to Cura and get answers to all of your questions from knowledgeable members quickly on various sites, with the Cura section in Ultimaker forums being the best resource.

While some of the solutions for Cura can also apply to Creality Slicer, Creality Slicer does not have too big of a community of its own.

Winner: Cura

Is Cura and Creality Slicer the Same Thing?

Upon seeing the interfaces of both Cura and Creality Slicer, you will immediately notice the similarities between the two, which may lead you to ask:

Is Cura and Creality Slicer the same software?

The answer to the question is yes, but also no.

Creality Slicer is a version of Cura that contains additional tweaks and features added by the Creality team, which is why it features an user interface that is almost the same as Cura.

Since Creality Slicer is often behind Cura in terms of releases and doesn’t have a wide selection of printer presets as Cura does, we can comfortably say that they aren’t exactly the same piece of software.

Between the two, we recommend using Cura whenever possible, even if you own a Creality printer.

Wrapping Up

While Creality Slicer is built on top of Cura with some added improvements and changes (especially for Creality printers), which should technically make it better, the fact that it does not keep up with the latest Cura releases causes it to fall short.

Alongside not keeping up with the latest Cura versions, Creality Slicer not having default profiles for devices other than Creality and Ultimaker printers and not having support for any other OS other than Windows puts the slicer even further behind.

Even though owners of Creality printers may find some of the features of Creality Slicer beneficial, there is no dispute that Cura comes out on top in this comparison.