About Us

Here at 3D Print Beast, we aim to share our knowledge and experience about all things related to 3D printing with our fellow readers to make the process of 3D printing a more pleasurable experience, as we know that the process of obtaining a successful print isn’t always easy with so many factors involved.

Our primary purpose is to explain all 3D printing concepts clearly and understandably for both beginners and experienced 3D printing enthusiasts alike since we believe that some topics can be pretty technical and complex to understand and bring elements of frustration to what should be an enjoyable hobby for everyone.

To this date, we have tested numerous different 3D printers, printed hundreds of models with various types of filaments, and spent more hours than we can ever count on troubleshooting issues.

Eventually, we wish to make all of these experiences a part of 3D Print Beast in hopes that everyone finds something of value here to make their 3D printing journey better.

Happy printing!

Our Team

Mike Davies Founder

Mike started his 3D printing journey with the Anet A8 when it first came out back in 2017, and has been obsessed with 3D printers ever since. Nowadays, he primarily uses his Ender 3 to print functional parts that make his life more convenient whenever possible.